Do you include digital files in your pricing?

The simple answer: Yes.

The longer answer: What will you do with those files once you have them? Photographs are difficult to enjoy when they are sitting on your hard drive, and it’s not a reliable way to archive them for the future.  PRINTING photos is the best way to enjoy them now and into the future.  If you are a type-A person and you know you’ll get your favorites framed before your kids even grow out of the clothes they are wearing today, then take those files with my blessing (and respect), and let your creative projects begin!

If, however, getting photos printed to display in your home is something of a hypothetical, or the idea of making a photo album seems totally unrealistic because of the very same adorable children who are IN those photos, then take the files, but also consider letting me help you with a photo book, collection of prints, or wall art that you can enjoy now AND into the future.

Will you bring props and pose my newborn?

For newborn sessions at your home, I will bring a very small selection of simple wraps that we can use if we choose to. I do not bring props. If baby’s temperament and mood allows, I will make some portraits of him or her that are very gently posed – this will not take up the majority of our session together, however.

What should we wear for the session?

You should wear whatever you (and your kids) feel comfortable in – I’ll never tell you to coordinate your colors or dress up more than you normally would. Save yourself the stress of getting your kids, or your postpartum body, (or your husband..) into clothes they don’t want to wear! You will enjoy the experience of the session more if you do not add this pressure, and it will show in the photos. (That said, if your ‘everyday’ is high fashion and meticulous hair and makeup, then go for it. You do you.)

I’m not sure about having pictures taken in my home…

The truth is that no matter how you feel about what your home looks like right now, it’s the place where your life is happening. It’s a space where you love your kids, where they feel safe and secure, and where you are making memories with them every day. Why not allow that to be included in your family photos? Beautiful fall foliage and a pretty view are a nice backdrop for any family portrait, and even on that ‘stage’ I will still look for ways to capture your family’s love and unique style. But allowing your home to be included in the story adds a dimension that cannot be replaced.

I STILL would rather not have the session at my home – but will you do photos of us out somewhere else, doing an activity we enjoy as a family?

YES!!  Outdoor sessions are great, and always more fun if you bring or plan something to do – or you can plan an indoor activity anywhere else your family’s interests take you.

(please keep in mind that locations 20 miles beyond 02141 will incur a travel fee.)

more questions?  email me!

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