Me and my boys.

Last year we started a birthday photobooth tradition.


I'm a multi-tasking mom, a lover of chocolate and cashmere, and a curious student of human nature. I live in Cambridge with my husband and two boys (and too many fish to count).



My education as a photographer, which is ongoing, has been as much about people as it has been about the craft of making pictures.



I've learned not only to look for the art that can be created from light and composition, but also for the magic that resides in the shy smile of a bashful toddler, or the exuberant energy of a dad at play with his son, or a mom snuggling her babies, no matter how big they've gotten.

I want to capture your very own kind of magic for you in beautiful photographs.
I invite you to...

..count some of your favorite photos as ones in which you are being silly / messy / grumpy / perfectly YOU


..get comfortable with not every photo of you being a ‘say cheese’ moment


..get in the frame! These are the photos your kids will look back on to remember this time, you are such an important part of those memories.

I would be honored to help. Let's connect!
Portrait of Emily Sterne with her family

What happened when we tried to 'pose' for a group shot. Photo by @emilieinc

"I love the range of what you captured. We are really grateful for your skill in capturing us all in such a relaxed way."