Jenny contacted me about doing some professional portraits to mark the occasion of her graduation from Harvard – what a great idea to be able to share these with family instead of the standard blue-background yearbook shots.  Being early birds gave us the advantage getting some great locations in Harvard Yard all to ourselves.  Thank you Jenny, and congratulations on your graduation!

In the day-to-day, down in the trenches experience of parenting a young child, we know that big changes and growth are always taking place, but seeing a child after a whole year has passed really drives that home.  I first met Seb as a baby, and then a year later – and now another year later, look at him go!  He’s on the move, tongue hanging out (so adorable) and all smiles.  What a charmer.  I am delighted to get these continued glimpses into his world – it is a pleasure and a privilege.



Since the last time I photographed Marco with his family, he’s become a big brother! The extended family was enjoying the rare occasion of everyone being all together for a visit at the same time, and they arranged to meet me at a local park for some photographs of the whole clan together.  Thank you for inviting me along!

f a c e b o o k