I know that things have been quiet here on the blog for a while, so I thought that I’d post some photos from life with my little man.  He is not always the most cooperative subject, as we hurtle along through his sometimes-stormy toddlerhood, and my heart goes out to any parent who might momentarily consider hiring someone to photograph their toddler, only to completely drop the idea when something such as putting on pants or getting in the car becomes a meltdown-drama for the umpteenth time.  I know, however, how glad I’ll be to have these photos when that cruel twist of parenthood happens – the one where we look back and think how fast it all went by… and I think many parents will feel the same.

Please know that I have been there, and if a photo session with me and your toddler ever goes awry because it’s just not your kid’s day, we can schedule a do-over.  Promise.