Emily Sterne Photographydo you work with an assistant or additional photographer?

I generally work by myself.  I find that this allows me to remain absolutely focused on observing and documenting your day, and it also keeps the “photographer presence” at your wedding to a minimum.  I do offer you the option to add a second photographer to any package, should the logistics of your wedding call for it.


how much time should I allow for formal pictures?

I try to be as efficient with posed group pictures and portraiture of you as a couple as possible, so you can spend as much time as possible with your friends and family.  Ideally these shots can be taken at the location of your ceremony or reception, and should not keep you away from your guests for too long.  Sometimes amazing lighting conditions will prompt me to ‘steal’ the two of you away for an additional quick session, but these are usually very quick and ALWAYS worth it!!

when would you like to be served a meal?  (ok, maybe you didn’t really think to ask this, but since we’re on the subject…)

The best time for your wedding vendors (photographer, dj/band, tarot card reader, etc…) to sit down and take a break from what they are doing is when you are sitting down to eat (no one really needs pictures of you or your guests eating).  Of course, whoever is providing your food will be making YOU their number one priority at this time (as they should), but if it is at all possible, asking that your vendors be served at the beginning of your meal (instead of after you and all your guests have been served) will help everyone provide you with the best service possible.

do you travel for weddings?

I happily travel throughout New England to photograph weddings in all sorts of places.  I prefer to keep my eco-footprint smaller by not traveling by air as part of my business.

what else do you do to make you business ‘green?’

In addition to only booking ‘local’ weddings, I maintain a home office (no commute) and live in a re-using, re-cycling, composting household.  We completed installation of solar panels on our roof in the spring of 2011, and are now generating very close to 100% of the electricity needed for both home and business.

…what about city hall ceremonies or elopements?

Yes!  I would be honored to be there to document your private ceremony.  Please inquire to see some examples of my work.