I am…

… a parent.  My boys are 5 and 2 and I find cannot quote the clichés enough:  the days are long, the years are short!  It’s the longest, shortest time!  Live in the moment because one day you’ll wake up and you’ll wonder what happened to that little baby whose every problem you could fix with a hug and a snack?!  (Ok maybe that last one isn’t as much of a cliché.)  I know the constant struggle.  It is real.

… not a New England native… but I’ve been here almost half my life now so I guess I should start working on the accent.

… a big fan of pizza, always.  This works out well for my boys.  Also peanut butter and chocolate, YES.

… always wishing my house looked better than it does right now.  But I take pictures of my family in it anyway.  And when I look at those pictures, I never care that the bed wasn’t made and the toys were everywhere and the room definitely needed to be vacuumed.